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There’s no busier time than parenthood and today’s parents seem to juggle an overwhelming number of balls, trying to keep them all in the air! Sometimes we need to grab a quick snack, knowing it is giving us a convenient healthy boost of nutrition, with ingredients specifically designed to deliver the vital nutrients we need whilst pregnant, breastfeeding, studying or just trying to boost the family’s immunity during the winter months.

Each cookie contains wholesome ingredients such as oats, linseeds, coconut oil, and cinnamon. In addition, each cookie contains carefully selected beneficial herbs.

The product range is endorsed by naturopaths, lactation consultants, baby sleep consultants and other health professionals such as Brett Freidman, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner.

Five varieties to choose from:
Feeding Cookies with Fenugreek and Fennel
The original Feeding cookie - contains fennel and fenugreek to help stimulate milk flow and counteract infant colic. Wheat, dairy, preservative and refined sugar free.

Feeding Cookies with Dark Chocolate
These are the perfect munch for devoted mums, made with the addition of 53% dark Equagold chocolate making them delicious, nutritious and incredibly moreish. Dairy, wheat and preservative free.

Clever Cookies
These smart little cookies include the ingredient gingko biloba, a herb known to increase memory function. These are a great allergy-friendly addition to your child’s lunch box, a midnight snack for hardworking students or a clever gift for busy executives. Wheat, dairy, refined sugar and preservative free.

Ginger Cookies with Chia seeds
The star ingredient, ginger makes these the go-to cookies for helping to alleviate nausea, so perfect for mums-to-be, boat-mad dads and travel weary kids. Wheat, dairy, preservative and refined sugar free.

Wellness Cookies 
Delicious and nutritious, infused with New Zealand native kawakawa and blackcurrant to enhance and maintain wellbeing and immunity for the whole family. Dairy, wheat, refined sugar and preservative free.



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Customer Reviews

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