All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and of plant origin. Ingredients are as close to nature as possible - the wholefood equivalent for our skin! No 'naturally derived' rubbish here! Ingredients are minimally processed and we use certified organic material where possible to make our final products as nourishing and as safe as possible. 

The way we list ingredients are listed to align with international cosmetic standards. Don't be alarmed when you see the word Fragrance (Parfum), which is commonly used commercially to hide some pretty nasty synthetics. So nasty that the EWG gives the label Parfum a default rating of 8 (high hazard). Rest assured, when you see this term on our labels, it just means that our product contains natural essential oils (surprise, surprise!) and is marked with an asterisk to indicate this. Any potential skin allergen components contained within the essential oils are also listed. Please don't be scared by these fancy words, they are just precautionary and necessary labeling requirements - 99% of people experience no reaction.