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Gift Boxes available and made up of the following:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Black cardboard box with hinged lid  150x112x56mm
  • Wood wool filling
  • Finished with a purple or white ribbon
*this is a gift box only and does not contain any The Nude Alchemist products, these must be purchased additionally.

Boxes will be packaged with items purchased.
Please be aware when purchasing the items to fill the gift box:
  • maximum 2x 30g jars or 50g tins 
  • maximum 3x 10ml roll-on bottles
  • maximum 1x 100g tin
  • reusable items do not fit, except for breastpads
Example combinations:
  • 1x 30g/50g tin and 2x roll-on bottles (eg. Sun-Barrier Cream, Anti-Stress Serum and Pick-Me-Up Potion)
  • 1x 30g/50g tin, 1x roll-on bottle, 1x 15ml tin (eg. Teething Tamer, Cradle Cap Fighter and Lip balm) 
  • 1x 100g tin and 1x roll-on bottle (eg. Eczema Relief and Cradle Cap Fighter)

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