Reusable Breast/Nursing Pads

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These gorgeous pads have 4 layers on fabric, so no leakage:

  1. A soft micro-fleece layer which sits against the skin to draw moisture away to the absorbent part of the breast pad, and because it does not hold moisture, it feels dry, keeping your skin dry. 
  2. Absorbent hemp/organic cotton blend layer.
  3. A waterproof layer to stop any soaking through.
  4. A printed 100% printed cotton layer to top the pads.
These are available as a set of three pairs OR part of the breastfeeding bundle which includes; Mumma's Milk Elixir to help support breastmilk production, Nipple Nectar to alleviate sore and cracked nipples and three pairs of reusable breastpads.


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