Stainless steel razor

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Say goodbye to plastic razors and hello to low waste shaves with our new Caliwoods Safety Razors! The last razor you will ever buy.


  • Available in Luxe Copper & Classic Stainless colours
  • Each pack includes: razor, 5 blades, return envelope
  • Blade-Return Program - return used blades in the return envelope provided
  • Blade refill packs available (20s)
  • Unisex - great for both men and women
  • Less irritation due to single blade 
  • Plastic-free. No more disposable plastic shavers filling our landfills and oceans - just replace the blades.

Shaving instructions here. TOP TIP: Use gentle pressure - let the weight of the stainless steel do the work for you!

Please note: current discount on razors is due to damaged packaging. This doesn't affect product, just not as aesthetically pleasing. The supplier has chosen a printing and paper stock combination which causes the ink to rub off. 

The planet is ready for a bit of your love.


  • Stainless Steel Razor is made from Type 304
  • Copper Razor is made from Stainless Steel Type 304 and has Copper electroplated within the stainless. The Copper isn't a layer and cannot 'come off'.
  • Dimensions - 9.4cm Handle, 4.4cm Blade Holding Plate
  • Secure screw in blade with 2 top holding plates for durability and safety. The blade is held tightly between these two plates. This is better than Butterfly mechanism razors - they don't last as long when the screw mechanism fails.

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