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We currently ship worldwide! 

We process and despatch orders from 9:00 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

For domestic (NZ): All orders are despatched on an overnight courier service via CourierPost. 

For international orders: 

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Please note: For international customers, we strongly recommend using DHL for faster, more reliable, and traceable service. Our Economy Shipping option frequently results in delayed deliveries and missed delivery targets, causing customer frustration.

Please utilise the tracking link emailed to you to pinpoint the location of your order. Please contact the service provider directly if you have any issues. 

If you still continue to have trouble locating your delivery, please contact us at with your order number in the subject line.

All applicable customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs authorities require that we state the value of your order directly on your package - the value is the retail cost in NZD. The Nude Alchemist cannot mark any package(s) as a 'Gift' in order to avoid customs and duties fees. 

Please note that on rare occasions, customs agents may delay the delivery of some packages at their discretion. 

For more information on customs and duties charges, please contact your local customs office. 

We provide a confirmation email that also serves as a GST invoice upon order placement.

We can provide packing slips with your order upon request.

If you have any concerns, please call the New Zealand National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766. Please tell the operator the brand and product, how much you have applied, and where you applied it.

The Poisons Centre does have a list of Teething Tamer ingredients, which are: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Cera alba*, Fragrance (Parfum)**, Linalool**. *certified organic  **from natural essential oils

If you do not live in New Zealand, please check this international list for your nearest poisons centre.

Please observe your child for any signs of illness, and if you have further concerns, please contact Healthline on 0800 611 116 or seek medical attention.

Please note: Teething Tamer is for external use only, and although it contains natural ingredients, it is important to follow the application instructions carefully. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about using the Teething Tamer.

Any applicable safety recommendations will be listed on the relevant product page. 

We have cautionary recommendations when it comes to infants and children and we dilute ingredients accordingly. Neonatal skin does not mature until three months old and is far more sensitive and absorbent to essential oils. The skin is much thinner, and if premature up to 2.5 times more permeable than adult skin, the risk of sensitisation is greater.  Infants also have a reduced metabolic capacity and renal function, so their ability to clear substances from their bodies is not comparable to that of an adult and is thus impaired. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of plant materials and in the wrong dosages, incorrect method of application, or in the wrong hands, can have negative consequences. 

As with any product, a patch test is recommended before use, and if irritation occurs, please discontinue use. Please, always keep our products out of reach of curious little hands. 

Any applicable safety recommendations will be listed on the relevant product page. 

We do our best to keep with demand, however occasionally our products sell out. You can sign up for an email notification for when your product of interest comes back into stock. This also gives us an indication as to where to place this item in our manufacturing priority line. The button to sign up for a notification is located  under the SOLD OUT button on the product page. 

We have listed the allergen components of essential oil content only which is in line with international labelling standards. Our exact recipes remain trade secret. If you have sensitivities to a particular oil, and would like to know if that is included in your product of interest, please get in touch with us at stating which oil and product is of concern, and we will do our best to address your concern.

Please see list of stockists here. Alternatively you can order from us directly online. We carry exclusive sizes and product lines that are not stocked anywhere else. 

We do our best to source the freshest and highest quality ingredients, following aromatherapy safety guidelines. We use safe dilutions and oils for the intended individual and use to reduce the chances of any reaction. Naturally some individuals are more susceptible to irritation than others such as babies, children and the elderly. 

Please read application instructions before use and conducting a test patch prior to use is highly recommended. Test on a small area of the forearm and wait for 10–15 minutes to be sure that no irritation reaction occurs. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. We cannot guarantee you will not experience a skin reaction and cannot be held responsible if this occurs. 

Irritation will be localised to the areas where the product has been applied. This generally occurs on first exposure with an immediate reaction, such as a rash (raised/inflamed/bumpy/itchy skin). 

If the reaction is not localised and can be noticed in other places other than the area you have applied the product and is not very noticeable upon first use, this is most likely a sensitisation of an essential oil component. Sensitisation is an allergic reaction of the immune system. It is highly likely than it will take more than one exposure for this reaction to occur. We follow the international cosmetic labelling standards which means that any known potential skin allergens contained within a product are listed on the label. These components have been so widely used in the cosmetic industry that an individuals exposure to them are significant, which increases the likelihood of sensitisation over time.

If our product enters the eyes, please immediately wash your hands with soap and water and then put some carrier oil (such as olive oil) on a paper towel and gently wipe your eye several times. Flushing the eyes with saline solution is another option. If irritation persists, please seek immediate medical advice.

Nice try, this one is top secret! Much time and energy has been invested into sourcing the best essential oils. All the essential oils used in our products are third-party tested with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) reports available for each and every batch produced. This means purity is guaranteed and they possess the correct chemical compositions according to intended use to achieve the desired therapeutic results. This is why our products work. 

We are not affiliated with any essential oil brands. 

No. Like any other medication you would get from the chemist, please read the instructions BEFORE use. 

Any internal usage of products containing essential oils should only be done under appropriate medical guidance of a trained clinical Aromatherapist.

The one product exception is our Nipple Nectar. As it contains no essential oils and only food-grade ingredients, it is perfectly safe to leave on the nipple whilst breastfeeding. However, eating it by the spoonful is not advised – great taste or texture cannot be guaranteed! 

If you accidentally get a product on your clothing, wash clothing with a mainstream detergent containing surfactants (we recommend Persil), or as per CCN (Clean Cloth Nappies) protocol. 

Our ingredients are listed to international cosmetic standards.

The term Fragrance (Parfum) is typically used commercially by the multi-billion dollar fragrance industry to hide their trade secrets - 99% of the time, this label indicates a synthetically-made fragrance. Consequently, the EWG gives the label Parfum a default rating of 8 (high hazard). 

Rest assured, when you see this term on our labels, it just means that our product contains natural essential oils (and only this!) and is marked with an asterisk/double asterisks to indicate this. Any potential skin allergen components from the essential oils are also listed after Fragrance (Parfum). 

Please don't be scared by these fancy words, they are just precautionary and necessary labelling requirements - 99% of people experience no reaction to our products.

Email us and we will respond as soon as we can.

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