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  • "Hands down the best product I have ever purchased. My son is a horrible teether. Screaming, tear, the works. From the first day we used this it all stopped. He's even had teeth come in that he had no idea about until brushing his teeth. Great for myself as well. After breastfeeding for so long, I had a tooth that shattered in half like a cup would when dropped. It caused soo much pain. I tried teething tamer on myself and baaam the pain literally vanished. My dentist was soon amazed at how well it worked that he now recommends it to his patients."

    Rebekah on the Teething Tamer – Sep 27, 2020

  • "Absolutely love this stuff! My sister recommended the Nipple Nectar to me, so was able to purchase before the baby arrived. In the beginning, I used it after every feed, and after six weeks, I only apply it morning and night. However, if the little guy is going nuts and my nipples get a little sore, I pop it on, and they're better before the next feed. Love it!"

    Natalia on Nipple Nectar – Aug 6, 2020

  • "I brought the test pot first as my skin will react to the most random bland things, but this was literally gold! Not only has my skin agreed with it, but it has also made my tired pregnant face look fresher and feel more soft and hydrated. I love this product and how little you need to use to start seeing a change. My skin drinks this goodness up...... I’m slowly building up my Nude alchemist collection of different products; I’m soooooo addicted to this brand."

    Brie on the Lunar Gold Facial balm – Oct 10, 2020

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