Loyalty programme

Welcome to our Loyalty Programme where we get to reward you for supporting our small business!

When you sign up to our Loyalty Programme you automatically receive 100 Nude Rewards just for joining. To sign up click the pop-up window in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen. 

The current loyalty programme scheme is as follows;

To earn Nude Rewards:
Sign up = 100 Nude Rewards
Place an order = 1 Nude Reward for every $1 spent
Review a product = 100 Nude Rewards
Share on Facebook = 50 Nude Rewards
Follow us on Instagram = 100 Nude Rewards
Like on Facebook = 100 Nude Rewards 
Refer a friend = 200 Nude Rewards AND your friend gets 5% off their first order

Spending Nude Rewards:
500 Nude Rewards = Free shipping
1000 Nude Rewards = $10 off any order
2000 Nude Rewards = $25 off any order

We love your feedback, so let us know what you think.

Thanks so much for being a loyal customer.