Baby massage

Baby massage

Did you know there are benefits associated with massaging your baby?

Massage can help your little one relax and sleep, relieve gas and colic, and feel loved and nurtured. It also encourages positive bonding between the parent and the baby. Massage helps the brain develop through touch; it strengthens muscles and helps them learn how their body fits together.

Our Baby Massage Oil has been designed specifically for baby massage, using only organic, cold-pressed botanical oils with no nut oils, preservatives, additives, fragrances or mineral oils. It is packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and will nourish and protect your little ones delicate skin, especially if prone to dry patches.

It contains no essential oils, as any strong scents (including personal perfume!) may detract from the baby/parent smell and interrupt the bonding process. ⁣

Some tips for massaging your baby (source: Plunket NZ):

  • Massage works best in a warm, peaceful environment. It's a lovely way to soothe, relax and bond.
  • Some babies love a massage after a bath.
  • Start massaging from your baby's head and gently stroke downwards over their body.
  • Use a gentle circular motion with your fingers.
  • Baby massage oil will help your hands slide over your baby's body.
  • Talk or sing as to your baby as you massage them.

This formulation has a medium-high absorbency rate, which means your baby will not be too slippery to handle post-massage. It can be used from day one of your baby's life and also makes an excellent gift for expectant mothers.

Plunket often offers baby massage classes if you would like to learn more techniques. Check out your local Plunket for more information. 


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